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Minister, Director witness horror caused by poachers
Published on: Friday, July 27, 2018

Lahad Datu: Poachers are active in the State's forest reserves and this was witnessed personally by no less than the State Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment and State Wildlife Director. Minister Assafal Alian was on a working visit to the Kawag Tourism Centre at Lembah Danum when he and Director Augustine Tuuga came across an injured baby elephant at the Sungai Taliwas Forest Reserve on Thursday.

The elephant suffered from injuries on its right foot after stepping on a trap laid by poachers about 300 metres from the main road.

The elephant was alone and weak, believed separated from its group due to the injuries.

Its condition grew worse each time it moved as the trap tightened its grip on the foot.

Assafal said people should be more sensitive and responsible for wildlife such as elephants so that these animals can be protected.

"I am sad that the elephant suffered so much due to human act. This is not the first case," he said, noting that at least 18 elephant deaths have been reported this year.

It was understood that the elephant was sedated to allow treatment before being transferred. - Eifa Razan


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