Ranau orphanage set up
Published on: Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ranau: A couple have set out to establish an orphanage (RAY) to provide shelter and care to the orphans as well as a home for the needy children in the district.Kg Langsat RAY Manager Mohd Hainan Abdullah, 54, said construction of the building started its construction on February 10, 2015, with the size of 1,600 square feet.

"It was built on a two-acre land purchased at RM15,000 and the construction lasted about seven months.

"We started operating on July 25, 2015, sheltering nine orphans at the time and today, we provide shelter to about 41 children comprising of 25 males and 16 females.

"To accommodate 41 children residing here, one house is used as a hostel while another one is used for classes and administrative businesses," he said this during briefing session and visit by the Yayasan Nur Jauhar (YNJ).

His wife, Murni Rusid, 27, is a teacher in the orphanage along with nine other staff assigned to organise daily activities for the children with the cost operation of RM7,000 per month.

"Most of our operational cost are covered through public generosity especially those living in Ranau.

"The operational costs are expected to increase as years go by and we hope that with this visit, there will be more interested agencies willing to contribute, providing better shelter and education to the orphans living here.

"Even though that this is not the best orphanage compared to other places, the children here are learning to be strong and independent as well as to appreciate what they have," she said.

Meanwhile, YNJ Advisor, who is also the Head of State's Consort, Toh Puan Norlidah Datuk R.M Jasni had donated RM10,000 to Kg Langsat RAY.

Also present at the programme were Ranau District Officer Faimin Kamin and District Education Officer Siti Hamni Hashim.


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