Tawau folks picket over sewage woes
Published on: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tawau: A group of Taman King Fook residents staged a peaceful protest, Sunday, to urge responsible quarters to replace the main pump of the housing sewage system which has not been functioning for three years.Organising chairman Ramlan Jamal (pic) said some 1,000 residents from 234 houses are facing serious sewage system problem where not only faeces have been surfacing and clogging the toilet pumps but also flowing into their master bedrooms.

"Today, we wish to exert our rights that have been denied for several years. We are urging the Local Government and Housing Ministry and relevant authorities to take immediate action to address the sewage problem faced by 1,000 residents in the housing park or we will continue conducting this peace assembly.

"Actually, this issue has been voiced out through a memorandum containing eight matters to the local authorities namely the Tawau Municipal Council (MPT) dated June 15, 2017 after the first meeting on Feb 8, last year.

"Unfortunately, only the street lights issue was dealt with including some cleaning up on the sewage system to be carried out but other issues including the sewage problem has not been addressed until now," he said.

Ramlan said MPT has informed them that the sewage system problem has been handed to Public Works Department (PWD) but the residents are disappointed and upset when PWD told them there was no budget to address the sewage problem in Taman King Fook here.

"We have been paying for the assessment rates and sewage tax every year to the MPT but when we are facing this problem, they pass the buck from one department to another.

"We feel this is unfair and we are urging the PBT to re-assess the payment for the sewage system in our residential park because the PBT did not render the services that we need," he said.

Ramlan also questioned the main pump machine of the sewage system that was not replaced or repaired until now after the machine was claimed to be stolen by irresponsible quarters and the residents are the ones suffering for several years and the problem is becoming serious.

"We are in need of help from the government to replace the main pump of the sewage system and not a temporary measure taken to clean up the system which only lasts for two to three days.

"We could no longer stand the sewage problem affecting our wellbeing and comfort. We are appealing to the concerned authorities to take quick action and help the residents," he said.

He said Merotai Assemblyman Sarifuddin Hata did visit the housing units of the affected residents a week after the Parti Warisan Sabah, Pakatan Harapan and Upko formed the new State government.

In the peaceful protest, the residents voiced out their problems through posters and banners with words like "Who is responsible for clogged toilet", "The residents are losing their patience", "We want new pump", "Please take immediate action" and "Three years we suffer", among others. - Lagatah Toyos


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