Sabahan shuttlers bag three gold medals
Published on: Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Beverly Hill Club badminton squad brought home three gold medals from the 25th World Chinese Badminton Federation Championship.The club's team manager Datuk Anthony Linggian formed a powerful duo with Zaini Garip and made a powerful comeback, defeating Ai Zheng Qiang and Li Ming An 31-30 in the men's doubles final.

Anthony and Zaini were trailing 3-9 with numerous exchanges. The duo scored eight crucial continuous points from 20-24 to 28-24 which led to 30-30.

He said the whole hall was filled with Chengdu supporters and their hearts were broken after scoring 31-30 as the home players were out of their comfort zone.

"It was a great achievement with the 'never give up' attitude as we played our very best.

"Strangely without expectations, we captured a gold medal for the men's doubles against all odds where there were so many good players from throughout the world, especially from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia," he said.

Zaini had also brought home a second gold medal after defeating Chengdu's full-time coach Deng Guang Min in the men's singles finals with a score of 31-15, capitalising when Deng ran out of steam after scoring 15 points.

Meanwhile, Lee Sui Min partnered with Michele Chong for the mixed doubles and defeated Hunan duo Cai Yang Hong and Hen Guang Feng 31-19 in the finals and brought home a gold medal, totalling up to three gold medals.

The 25th World Chinese Badminton Federation Championship was a huge tournament where 4,600 participants from 17 countries, along with 20 participants from Sabah Beverly Hill Club, took part in 102 events in the tournament with more than 7,000 entries registered.

The tournament was held at the Sichuan Shuangliu National Badminton Hall in Chengdu, China, from Nov 1 to 4 with 88 courts spreading across various buildings adjacent to each other. - Locksley Ng


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