Ranau needs multi-storey car park
Published on: Saturday, January 12, 2019
By: Clarence GD

RANAU: The Ranau District Council (MDR) has been urged to identify the most suitable location for the construction of a multi-storey car park in the town area in order to tackle the parking problem.

Ranau MP, Jonathan Yasin said every year the numbers of motor vehicles keeps increasing everywhere, including Ranau. And issues such as traffic congestion and not enough parking spaces are the most common problems that arise.

“Ranau, especially the town area, is not exempted from such issues. People are talking about this, and as the authorities here, we must do something.

“Towards that end, we would ask the MDR to look for all the probable solutions, one of them being the construction of a multi-storey car park. We hope this could be realised as it will greatly reduce the issue of parking space in the future,” he said.

Jonathan said, as MP here, his side would cooperate in all effort and initiative when it comes to making things better for the people as a whole in the district, especially concerning the comfort and safety of the public.

He was speaking when attending a briefing by MDR CEO, Huil Binua about the “Function and Role of MDR”, chaired by District Officer Hj Faimin Kamin, recently.

Meanwhile, Jonathan who is also Malaysia Cocoa Board Chairman, encouraged MDR to create a clean, beautiful and safe environment especially in Ranau and Kundasang town areas as both areas are main tourist destinations.

“We need to create a beautiful, clean, scenic and safe landscape or gardens as the attractions of tourists to the Ranau and Kundasang areas in the long run. Let those who visit Ranau have memories of flowers and gardens when they think of our district.

“Our side will always cooperate in creating a beautiful environment to realise the notion of Ranau and Kundasang areas as ‘Pekan Dalam Taman’ while attracting more visitors and at the same time able to generate income for the locals,” he said.


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