Chamber backs CM’s China target
Published on: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

KOTA KINABALU: The Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KKCCCI) welcomed Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal’s plans to secure international investments for Sabah from China, Japan and European countries, especially China investors who have expressed intent to invest more than USD6 billion (RM24b) in Sabah. 

 Its President Datuk Michael Lui Yen Sang (pic) urged Sabah entrepreneurs to respond to the Chief Minister’s call to invest in the state to spur economic growth that would create more jobs and incomes for Sabahans.

 “We also laud the Chief Minister’s commitment on spending a quarter of Sabah’s Budget by March and April to ensure liquidity in the Sabah economy.  

 “This is indeed good news for the business community to celebrate and cheer.  At the same time, we’re to glad hear that the Chief Minister decided to get rid of little napoleons or red tape in order to expedite approvals for development projects,” he said at KKCCCI’s 2019 Chinese New Year Celebration themed “New Era, New Approach, New Journey” at Hakka Hall, Monday.

 Lui said KKCCCI also thanked the CM for recognising Chinese contributions to the state’s economy and education. 

 “All these actions and measures comply with the wishes of the people and once again reflects the State Government’s serious concern for the people’s needs and well-being. 

 “We urge Chinese community and business leaders to work with the State Government and continue to give our cooperation to the Government to ensure development in the State can continue to be carried out. 

 “KKCCCI would like to reiterate once again our strong and firm commitment of supporting the Government and help to develop the Sate for the betterment of Sabah people.” 

 Hoping that the occasion would further enhance bilateral relations and interaction between the Chinese community, Lui believed that when all reconstitute the framed thinking and allow themselves to keep pace with the dynamically changing era, they can break through the stranded deteriorating condition.  

 “It is my hope that by propagating the ‘New Era, New Approach, New Journey’ transformative idea, all members can comply the integration and sharing resources among each other towards enhancing our competitiveness at the global arena.

 “It’s just like we’re all here tonight to celebrate Spring Festival, we had step further to a more advanced stage.  I hope you will continue to be united by strengthening friendship and promoting cooperation among ourselves.

 “The Chamber really appreciates the caring, concern and attention from the members, we expect to further  improve communication and good relationship between you and the Chamber.  While we manage the Chamber to achieve better performance, we look forward to your continuing support,” he said.

 Lui also touched on the need for all to safeguard racial unity and mutual tolerance in the multi-racial and multi-religious nation. 

 “The racial amity we cherish must not be destroyed by certain quarters who have their own personal agenda,” he said.

Despite negative and uncertain factors this year, he said Malaysians must adopt a positive mindset in facing adversities.  

 “Together we can progress towards a mature democratic system, create an open and tolerant society, safeguard racial unity and instill a sense of security among Malaysians for them to face the future with confidence,” he said.

Lui said since ancient times, China and Sabah have been interconnected by the Maritime Silk Road, and the people have been bonded due to exchanges and migration. 

 “So together, let us sail the ‘Boat of Friendship’ towards a broader and brighter future, embarked on a new starting path of win-win cooperation. We also deeply appreciate the great support from Consulate General of China in Kota Kinabalu towards local communities on holding Tionghua cultural festivals that may able to preserve Chinese traditional cultural heritage in Sabah.

 “At present, relationship between China and Sabah has become increasingly close.  During Liang Caide’s term as Chinese Consul General in Kota Kinabalu, China-Sabah relations in various fields had constantly improved,” he said.

 He said KKCCCI fully supports and would coordinate with Consulate General of China to ensure the one belt one road brings prosperity to Sabah. - Larry Ralon


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