Policy and plan launched to develop Sabah’s youths
Published on: Friday, February 22, 2019
By: Larry Ralon

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Youth Policy and Sabah Strategic Youth Development Plan 2016-2020 were launched at the State Administration Centre (PPNS), Thursday, to assist in developing the potential of the State’s youths in all aspects and as important references for policymakers.

Both the strategic plan and policy are meant to further increase the wellbeing of youths in Sabah and make them forerunners and catalysts in the State development. “These are important in uplifting youths as leaders of the state and country at present and in the future.

“It is important for us as the stakeholder to build up positive values and image in our youths as stated in the positive youth development policy.

“The current challenges for the youths also need to be studied and smartly and strategically overcome so the youths can be appropriately assisted,” he said in his speech read on his behalf by Deputy Chief Minister cum Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Dr Jaujan Haji Sambakong.

Mohd Shafie said the implementation of the strategic plan and policy also refer to the Sabah template which encompasses 12 vital elements namely leadership, education, skill and entrepreneurship development, volunteerism, confidence, youth community wellbeing, excellent personality, integrity, environment, knowledge, spiritual and unity. 

“All the elements are vital in uplifting and producing youths that are competent in all aspects. We want all our youths to become excellent youths in line with the Youth and Sport Ministry’s vision,” he said. 

He hoped the strategic plan and policy would be made the main reference for guidance in creating youths that are positive and active and involved in youth associations and become agents of change in the community. 

“I hope it will not be just rhetoric, it must be implemented and adopted by all government and private agencies, as well as the youth-related agencies, because youths are our main asset in the development of the state and country,” said Mohd Shafie. 

There were 1.87 million youths in Sabah in 2015 according to the Statistics Department. The Sabah Youth Index (IBS) 2015 score was 68.68 which placed the State youth at the moderate level based on 12 IBS domains namely deviancy, health, social relation, security, self-development, self-identity, self-potential, media usage, education, economic wellbeing, spare time and political socialisation. 

The strategic plan and policy were created in line with the IBS 2015, which was made as an important instrument for evaluating and measuring the youth wellbeing in Sabah. IBS was in line with the National Youth Policy, which was re-gazetted in 1985 and renamed in 1997 as the National Youth Development Policy, as well as the Malaysian Youth Index 2015. 

The strategic plan and policy came from studies and researches done by a team led by Dr Janice Nga, an expert consultant for the State Youth and Sport Ministry. 

State Youth and Sport Minister, Datuk Frankie Poon Ming Fung, said his Ministry is very committed in spearheading the effort to uplift youth development and achieve sport excellence. 

He said the Ministry will strive to create a conducive and sustainable environment for the youth and will ensure the youth development and sport excellence will always be given a priority. 

On the strategic plan and policy, Poon said these are part of the Ministry’s efforts to transform the study and research findings into application and practical use, according to Sabah template. 

The policy will also be beneficial especially in mobilising the youth dynamically and effectively, he said.  - Larry Ralon


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